The Story of Legay

Legay were John Knapp (pianotron), Dave ‘Mac’ McCarthy (bass guitar), Robin Pizer (lead guitar), Rod Read (vocals) and Legay Rogers (drums). Legay Rogers was replaced by Rob Townsend who, in 1967, was replaced by Dave ‘Moth’ Smith.

Legay launched themselves onto the Leicester public in 1966 at The Casino Ballroom on London Road. Within months, they were packing out venues across the city and county. By 1967, the band’s reputation as a live act had accelerated, playing sell out gigs across the Midlands, the north east and London.

“We just had so much fun we thought this is going to happen, regardless. We had no leader and were very insular, it was almost like a marriage…”

Robin Pizer

Playing a mixture of their own material plus heavy versions of Tamla classics, all with their Marshall amps switched up to the famous number 11, a Legay gig would have been loud and, much to the angst of some of the other bands, full of the best looking women in town. In 1968, Legay released their only single, No-One, on the Fontana record label. The single is still a massive hit on the contemporary psychedelic scene in the UK and Europe. Just over a year later, Legay were no more, swapping psychedelia for the imported sound of the American West Coast. With a focus on the likes of Moby Grape, Buffalo Springfield and HP Lovecraft, Legay slowly morphed into a new band with a new sound, look and name; Gypsy.